Santa Marina, Venecia

Santa Marina, Venecia

Viaje a los preciosos canales de Venecia con hotel en el barrio de Santa Marina, la zona más auténtica de Venecia. El desayuno en esta época del año se sirven en la terraza del hotel donde las vistas son absolutamente espectaculares. Disfruta de las líneas de Vaporetto de la ciudad para recorrer el Gran Canal y llegar a la Plaza San Marcos y visitar los mayores monumentos de Venecia, encontrarás el Campanile, el Palacio Ducal...Por otro lado la parte menos concurrida y donde están los restaurante y bares más apetitosos es en el Campo de Santa Margherita.
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About the city

Perhaps no city is as fabulous as Venice, a metropolis built upon pilings, a labyrinth poised over a lagoon. Venice has been called the drawing room of Europe, and indeed for centuries the city was a sanctuary for ideas and idealists, a crossroad of the Byzantine and Roman worlds. Today Venice is a different kind of drawing room. Wealthy visitors clamber into gondolas to gawk at the Byzantine palaces while being serenaded by accordionists and art appreciators stand on tiptoe for a glimpse of Renaissance masterpieces. No monument is as memorable as the city itself, so use the major sights only as an excuse for wandering. Venice revolves around piazza San Marco. The best feature of the mosaic-covered Basilica di San Marco is the Pala D’Oro, a glittering gold Byzantine bas-relief. The Torre dell’Orologio, left of San Marco, is a beautifully embellished clock tower. For culture vultures check the Accademia for the best of Venetian paintings. Some say that the tourist Venice is indeed Venice, but there are other Venices as well. To find them, wander away from the major sights and into the quieter outlying residential neighbourhoods, you won’t be disappointed, this maze of stone and colour exudes enchantment from every brick.

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Santa Marina

  • At 0.5 km from the center
  • Castello - camo santa marina, 6068, Venezia 30122
This elegant and comfortable hotel is just a few steps from St. Mark Square. Formerly an ancient convent, the hotel has a beautiful terrace in the centrally located but quiet Santa Marina square, a relaxing spot for a romantic aperitif in the evening...
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  • 2 Accommodation nights


Santa Marina, Venecia
Santa Marina, Venecia